Food Safety

With the rising concern and risks of food safety in the industry, Ron’s Home Style Foods recognizes that strict food safety measures are necessary to continue providing safe, high-quality products and overall customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal at the end of each day is to be certain that the foods we have produced are not only delicious, but also exceed global food safety standards.

Joining the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) in their mission to provide continuous improvement in food safety management systems, we are a certified SQF Level 2 (Safe Quality Food) manufacturer and have strict processes in place to ensure our products not only look and taste great but they are also safe and meet the industry-driven 3rd party audit standards.

Our USDA inspected production facility operates daily under stringent HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) programs, which are designed to prevent all potential hazards (physical, chemical and/or biological) that can occur as part of the manufacturing processes. We adhere closely to SSOPs (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures), GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) and other pre-requisite programs, strictly monitoring all products at every step of the process.  Voluntary 3rd party audits are conducted to verify all processes and procedures are working as intended to confirm that our products remain pathogen free and safe for your family and you.

The processes and systems implemented are in complete compliance with the Bioterrorism Act of 2002.  We protect the quality and safety of our products at every waypoint from choosing our vendors carefully before raw materials are even ordered, to the final step of securely delivering our products to our valued customers.  The combination of all of our efforts ensures that any product manufactured by Ron’s Home Style Foods will live up to or exceed our customers’ expectations of quality and safety.